You are here because you want to know

personal informations about me?


My life and I, we are wonderfully terribly normal boring (sequences interchangeable).

Which is why I avoided publishing a website about me for many years. That I'm making it up now shows what I've always been

a late bloomer (like a "Johnny come lately").

Oh yes, a late bloomer hits it:

  • When already I was sixteen, I decided to go to higher school to get my high school diploma (german: "Abitur"). Two years later I had it in my pocket. Ok, that was quick.
  • Then I was over forty years old when I completed my correspondence studies in business administration and marketing.
  • When I published my first book, peers were already grandparents.
  • A few years later I bought my first car and sat on a horse for the first time (it even dared to carry me a bit) and I took my first selfie with my first mobile phone.
  • Quick-witted answers always come too late for me. My possibly pointed remarks are perceived as saucy.

There would be a lot more to list. But the explanations for this would be too extravagant.

And otherwise? This is important to me:

  • German dialects are music to my ears. Too bad I can't speak it myself.
  • I write books, although I'm lazy to write – but I need to be able to communicate.
  • I can do without fame; it is enough if my readers want to read my contents again and again.
  • Traveling is my passion. Packing my suitcase, however, bothers me.
  • I can't and I don't want to use nonsensical grammatical genders, because I don't like linguistic muddles and also no artificial inexpressibility. – Although I assume so: A obligation "to gender" is  unfortunately a German language problem, which probably no foreigner can understand.

Amazing! This article turned out to be a lot bigger than I thought it would be.

Neverless, I am and I will remain wunderfully terribly normal boring,

Yours Sylvia Koch

Sylvia Koch

Only those who break new grounds

can leave their marks.

Excuse me, but my other websites are all written in German only.